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Pathways Internship Program Positions

Intern (Accounting Technician)

  • The individual reviews purchase orders, contracts, travel orders, and other claims against obligated funds as well as invoices submitted by vendors, consultants, and others for proper documentation, authorization, accounting codes, and other justifications.
  • The individual adjusts account balances to reflect the effect of allotments, transfers, obligations, expenditures, and other actions which change the amount of funds available in accounts and provides information about status of funds to senior employees and/or managers as assigned.

Intern (Administrative Assistant)

  • The individual assists in performing general administration and advisory services and/or functions, to include: time and attendance, relocation requests, human resources services, facilities management, property management, and space/logistics, safety/security.
  • The individual participates in planning, developing, formulating, preparing, executing, and/or monitoring organizational budgets.

Intern (Administrative Clerk)

  • The individual performs clerical requirements such as filing and retrieving documents, logs and tracks information, and receives and directs visitors and notifies appropriate personnel.
  • The individual provides support in areas of space, facilities, and parking.

Intern (Administrative Technician)

  • The individual uses various software applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software to prepare documents for other employees and reviews the material for grammar, punctuation, and other errors, serves as the travel system representative & Timekeeper.
  • The individual assists the administrative officers by tracking procurement, monitors the use and rate of expenditures of select items in program budgets, performs a variety of human resource related duties, such as, assistance with the recruitment process, assistance with in-and-out processing of staff, and maintenance of updated reports on personnel actions in progress.

Intern (Biological Science Laboratory Technician)

  • The individual assists other laboratory personnel by performing a series of related technical tasks in support of biological or biomedical investigations such as weighing, measuring liquids, cleaning glassware, sterilization of culture rooms, transfer hoods, glassware instruments, media, or similar procedures.
  • The individual prepares and maintains detailed and precise records of experiments, records data from electronic and mechanical devises, and conducts literature searches of identified topics relevant to the research.

Intern (Biologist)

  • The individual assists in the maintenance of laboratory facilities by checking current inventory of supplies in the laboratory and ordering appropriate animals, media, buffers, reagents, tissue samples, and other required materials.
  • The individual performs a variety of routine tasks under the direct supervision of a senior investigator or a more experienced laboratory assistant.

Intern (Biomedical Engineer)

  • The individual analyzes repairs, modifies plans, installs, evaluates, certifies, and corrects malfunctions on complex scientific and medical systems.
  • The individual prepares and presents instructional material and occasionally conduct training in the techniques and methods of operating medical systems for nursing and allied health personnel.

Intern (Budget Analyst)

  • The individual performs routine and recurring budget administration duties which facilitate the conduct of more complex and detailed review and analysis functions conducted by the supervisor and higher-graded co-workers in one or more of the budget phases of formulation, execution, justification, and/or presentation.
  • The individual researches guides to extract legal, regulatory, program, and budgetary information for use by the supervisor or higher-graded analysts.

Intern (Computer Clerk/Assistant)

  • The individual supports or assists other employees who design, operate, or use automatic data processing systems applications or products.
  • The individual performs work in functional areas identified as tape library, production control, scheduling, or direct support to Computer/ Information Technology Specialists.

Intern (Computer Engineer)

  • The individual is involved with the design, construction, and operation of computer systems, including hardware and software and their integration.
  • The individual devises software to integrate a number of devices (e.g., systems, equipment, application program, and components) into a computer system.

Intern (Contract Specialist)

  • The individual performs procurement planning, development of requests for proposals, broad agency announcements (solicitations), contract negotiations, awards, administration, terminations and, close-outs.
  • The individual assists higher level employees by performing routine but developmental tasks associated with any phase of the acquisition process.

Intern (Electrical Engineer)

  • The individual prepares feasibility studies and analyses of program needs for projects that are extensive in scope, complexity and importance to reconcile project requirements with sound engineering considerations and with such other realities as building codes standards, rules and regulations.
  • The individual investigates project sites to determine the condition of facility or property prior to initiating design and evaluates and translates data into working drawings and specifications.

Intern (Electronics Engineering Aide)

  • The individual assists the Electronic Engineers with performing professional engineering and scientific work involving electronic circuits, circuit elements, equipment, systems, and electrical information for purposes of communication, computation, measurement, and navigation.
  • The individual performs work such as installing new or modified equipment, performing checkout and troubleshooting on installed equipment, or assisting in conducting various technical aspects of a project in support of a senior technician or engineer.

Intern (Engineer)

  • The individual participates in projects with low construction costs, small size, and standardized engineering elements.
  • The individual evaluating technical blueprints for engineering projects.

Intern (Engineering Aid)

  • The individual performs a variety of technical duties concerned with the application of engineering principles, properties, operations and limitations of engineering systems, processes, devices and materials.
  • The individual performs work such as installing new or modified equipment, performing checkout and troubleshooting on installed equipment, or assisting in conducting various technical aspects of a project in support of a senior technician or engineer.

Intern (Engineering Technician)

  • The individual assists higher-level engineers in analyzing engineering technical requirements; preparing graphs, curves, and tables for other engineers.
  • The individual participates in assisting higher-level engineers in project planning and design functions.

Intern (Environmental Engineer)

  • The individual conducts comprehensive environmental studies to determine the most feasible and cost-effective measures to assure NIH compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • The individual participates in the development and implementation of environmental audit protocols for the various campuses of the NIH.

Intern (File Clerk)

  • The individual files and classifies and cross references materials in decimal and alphanumeric systems that may be extensively cross referenced, or the subject matter of the materials is overlapping and difficult to discern.
  • The individual searches for materials when the searching involves several possible locations, several possible file categories or file indices, when the information provided is meager, vague, or misleading, or when the existence of possible records is undetermined.

Food Service

  • The individual performs a variety of food service tasks in the areas of meal set up, assembly, and delivery and providing assistance to cooks.
  • The individual reads the meal ticket, selects, and places correct food items on patient trays as they proceed down tray assembly line; loads meal trays onto delivery carts; and, may assemble trays from beginning to completion during non-peak service times.

Intern (Grants Management Specialist)

  • The individual assists a higher-level specialist in carrying out a variety of tasks related to reviewing proposals in a limited range of areas, using a variety of standard guidelines.
  • The individual assists with activities related to monitoring grants, including receiving and reviewing progress reports; and assisting with preparation for on-site visits, and preparation of various reports.

Intern (Health Specialist)

  • The individual assists staff with various grants-related administrative activities, including gathering necessary supporting documentation from applicants or grantees.
  • The individual assists in drafting of technical reports, analyzing data from the studies, and publication of research findings

Intern (Human Resources Assistant)

  • The individual assists HR specialists, supervisory officials and action officers by performing technical and administrative work in support of recruitment and placement programs including merit promotion and delegated examining functions.
  • The individual establishes, maintains and utilizes automated HR systems to perform technical and administrative support functions.

Intern (Human Resources Specialist)

  • The individual participates with higher-graded specialists in recruitment and staffing functions, including preparing vacancy announcements, determining qualifications of applicants, developing certificates, conducting reference checks, ensuring that requisite clearances are obtained, making employment offers, determining pay, and processing personnel actions.
  • The individual reviews pertinent regulations and style manuals governing written communications in order to prepare written materials which effectively communicate the intended information.

Intern (Industrial Engineer)

  • The individual assists in the design, measurement, analysis and evaluation, and control of production and service operations and systems, and their associated management processes.
  • The individual performs systems analyses to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Intern (Internet technology (IT) Specialist)

  • The individual is responsible for troubleshooting and repair of computer equipment in assigned areas, to include loading software, examination of computer components, board-level repair if necessary, troubleshooting and analysis of problems, and testing software.
  • The individual assists with the daily operations of the Local Area Network (LAN), maintains user-IDs/passwords, network access and security schemes, provides users with initial orientation to network environment, and assists in maintaining network system of menus and electronic mail.


  • The individual performs special assignments involving several steps, phase, or detailed procedures (e.g., preparing ground, laying sod, planting flowers or shrubs, and using simple drawings to establish a planting pattern and/or design).
  • The individual is involved in the operation, control, and cleaning of heavy, power equipment (e.g., single-function power lawn mowers with one or more cutting decks and mechanical controls, chain saws, jackhammers).

Intern (Management/Program Analyst)

  • The individual participates in developmental activities involving studies and analysis of internal administrative operations, organizations, or management to achieve greater economy and efficiency.
  • The individual prepares portions of initial work plans and draft reports based on existing procedures or observation of the activity to be studied.

Intern (Microbiologist)

  • The individual provides laboratory assistance to one or more senior investigators by performing basic, routine laboratory experiments in support of research programs and projects.
  • The individual assists in setting up the laboratory for scheduled experiments, ensuring the scientific instruments/equipment to be used is in working order and properly calibrated, and assists in the maintenance of laboratory facilities y checking and replenishing current inventory of supplies in the laboratory and ordering appropriate animals, media, buffers, reagents, tissue samples, and other required materials.

Intern (Office Automation Clerk/Assistant)

  • The individual types or edits standard materials from handwritten or electronic drafts and/or from a verbatim copy into final form, assuring that final products are free from spelling and format errors, transmits and receives electronic mail, and enters data, as provided, into a database, retrieves data from existing spreadsheets, and produces various standardized documents using established formats.
  • The individual answers telephone calls and receives visitors, referring inquires to the appropriate staff member or recording messages, maintains existing files and performs basic filing such as locating and extracting information from files, uses fax machines to transmit and receive information, copies and distributes materials, and distributes messages and mail.

Intern (Program Specialist)

  • The individual participates in the development and implementation of comprehensive plans and strategies for the internal and external integration of day-to-day and long-range projects, actions and activities for the assigned organization.
  • The individual analyzes and evaluates, on a quantitative or qualitative basis, the effectiveness of programs or operations in meeting established goals and objectives and analyzes program performance data to identify issues and make recommendations for improvement.

Intern (Program Support Clerk)

  • The individual provides direct administrative, procedural and informational resource assistance and support to program staff and/or managers.
  • The individual prepares correspondence, reports, graphs/charts, forms, and other office support materials using office automation equipment and appropriate software.

Intern (Program Support Assistant)

  • The individual researches information requested and provides that information as required, maintains status of projects, and follows up on actions and identifies discrete steps of transaction processes or routine business practices that might be opportunities for applying standard quality improvement techniques.
  • The individual keeps management apprised of all suspense dates related to assigned programs including appraisals, promotions, awards, extensions, retirements, transfers, separations, training, security, government purchase card, facilities, vehicle, etc.

Intern (Public Affairs Specialist)

  • The individual identifies less complex, straight forward communication needs as requested, and develops informational materials that inform appropriate publics of the agency’s policies, programs, and services.
  • The individual gathers and reports public reaction to information programs.

Fire Protection Aide

  • The individual assists Fire Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Station Chiefs, and Crew Chiefs with firefighting activities.
  • The individual aides firefighters with fire protection inspections, cleaning equipment, practice drills and training classes

Intern (Social Science Analyst)

  • The individual applies research and analytical methodologies to analyze problems, questions, or issues related to Human Subjects Protection and Data Safety Monitory that contribute to staff findings and recommendations.
  • The individual designs and carries out methods of data analysis and interpret results of program policies, research management needs and priorities

Intern (Staff Assistant)

  • The individual manages and prepares responses to a wide variety of internal and external correspondence for the office.
  • The individual coordinates information and responses with appropriate staff and offices to ensure consistency and conformance with program policies, regulations, and formats

Intern (Statistician)

  • The individual applies a variety of statistical techniques such as logistic regression, survival models, generalized risk models, analysis of frequency distributions; analysis and modeling of multivariates; sampling; analysis of variance; determining confidence limits; and estimating magnitudes to laboratory and/or clinical data.
  • The individual assists in analyzing factual data using appropriate statistical techniques.

Intern (Writer-Editor)

  • The individual performs routine and recurring writing and editing of materials that articulate, interpret, and explain agency policies, and programs.
  • The individual edits both draft and final versions of a variety of written products prepared by the staff, management, or outside contractors; reviews materials for grammatical correctness, clarity, appropriate reading level, and consistency with regulations and style and format requirements; advises authors of options and alternatives where necessary and appropriate; and, edits for correctness and meaningful placement any illustrations, tables, and charts.

Intern (Technology Transfer Specialist)

  • The individual will research contractual agreement requirements and preparing reports of findings; responding to routine technical inquiries regarding technology transfer agreements.
  • The individual will review documents related to technology transfer agreements for completeness and compliance with basic requirement; and compiles information for briefing reports related to technology transfer issues.
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