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Pathways Recent Graduates Program

NIH Recent Graduate (Accountant)

  • The individual applies standard financial practices, methods, and techniques to complete standard reconciliations and prepare various financial reports.
  • The individual analyzes facts, identifies problems, reports findings, makes conclusions, and recommends corrective or other appropriate action in carrying out routine analytical assignments.

NIH Recent Graduate (Administrative Officer)

  • The individual participates in planning, developing, formulating, preparing, executing, and/or monitoring organizational budgets.
  • The individual provides advice to supervisor regarding budgetary concerns such as projected shortfalls or unanticipated financial needs.

NIH Recent Graduate (Auditor)

  • The individual participates in audits and reviews of allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement of National Institute of Health (NIH) programs, and improper conduct by NIH employees, including those referred by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to NIH for action.
  • The individual uses conventional auditing techniques to gather and evaluate external operating program data to assist in determining whether an entity acquires, protects, and uses its resources economically and efficiently; the extent the program has achieved the desired results or benefits; the effectiveness of the organizations, programs and activities; and whether an entity is complying with law and regulations applicable to the program.

NIH Recent Graduate (Biologist)

  • The individual assists in the maintenance of laboratory facilities by checking current inventory of supplies in the laboratory and ordering appropriate animals, media, buffers, reagents, tissue samples, and other required materials.
  • The individual performs a variety of routine tasks under the direct supervision of a senior investigator or a more experienced laboratory assistant.

NIH Recent Graduate (Contract Specialist)

  • The individual performs procurement planning, development of requests for proposals, broad agency announcements (solicitations), contract negotiations, awards, administration, terminations and, close-outs.
  • The individual assists higher level employees by performing routine but developmental tasks associated with any phase of the acquisition process.

NIH Recent Graduate (Engineer)

  • The individual participates in projects with low construction costs, small size, and standardized engineering elements.
  • The individual evaluating technical blueprints for engineering projects.

NIH Recent Graduate (Ethics Program Specialist)

  • The individual carries out the activities of the NIH Ethics Office and supports management of the overall NIH ethics program, with responsibility for administering, and implementing the Ethics Program and for ensuring that it is carried out in accordance with applicable ethics regulations and statutes.
  • The individual conducts initial technical and/or conflict reviews on the ethics documents and requests.

NIH Recent Graduate (Grants Management Specialist)

  • The individual assists a higher-level specialist in carrying out a variety of tasks related to reviewing proposals in a limited range of areas, using a variety of standard guidelines.
  • The individual assists with activities related to monitoring grants, including receiving and reviewing progress reports; and assisting with preparation for on-site visits, and preparation of various reports.

NIH Recent Graduate (Health Specialist)

  • The incumbent participates in the planning, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of programs and initiatives in the assigned specialty area of research. The incumbent reviews data and progress reports, and implements corrective actions needed to achieve adequate research progress.
  • The incumbent monitors the status of project applications and awards from peer review through post-award administration and produces documents and responses to requests for information required.

NIH Recent Graduate (Human Resources Specialist)

  • The individual participates in recruitment and staffing functions, including preparing vacancy announcements, determining qualifications of applicants, developing certificates, conducting reference checks, ensuring that requisite clearances are obtained, making employment offers, determining pay, and processing personnel actions.
  • The individual reviews pertinent regulations and style manuals governing written communications in order to prepare written materials which effectively communicate the intended information.

NIH Recent Graduate (Human Resources Assistant)

  • The individual provides support for HR specialists involved in using HR information systems; in delivering HR services to military personnel; and in classification, recruitment and placement, employee benefits, human resource development, performance management, and employee and labor-management relations.
  • The individual processes and documents HR actions for a wide variety of employee categories that involve different forms, different authorities, different action codes, and different regulatory authorities, or additional pay systems.

NIH Recent Graduate (IT Specialist)

  • The individual is responsible for troubleshooting and repair of computer equipment in assigned areas, to include loading software, examination of computer components, board-level repair if necessary, troubleshooting and analysis of problems, and testing software.
  • The individual assists with the daily operations of the Local Area Network (LAN), maintains user-IDs/passwords, network access and security schemes, provides users with initial orientation to network environment, and assists in maintaining network system of menus and electronic mail.

NIH Recent Graduate (Mathematical Statistician)

  • The individual applies a variety of statistical techniques such as analysis of variance, probability, time series analysis, regression analysis, contingency tables, survival analysis, tests of significance, confidence intervals, and sample size requirements to laboratory and/or clinical data.
  • The individual performs mathematical analysis to indicate trends, the likelihood of various outcomes, performance levels, and ideal conditions.

NIH Recent Graduate (Program/Management Analyst)

  • The individual participates in developmental activities involving studies and analysis of internal administrative operations, organizations, or management to achieve greater economy and efficiency.
  • The individual prepares portions of initial work plans and draft reports based on existing procedures or observation of the activity to be studied.

NIH Recent Graduate (Psychologist)

  • The individual, under direct supervision the incumbent provides assistance to one or more senior staff by performing basic tasks such as searching files, libraries or other sources of information, published or unpublished, for designated topics and assembling data relevant to studies in progress.
  • The individual reviews pertinent sources of information such as methods manuals, journal articles, and other technical references to gain familiarity with current topics.

NIH Recent Graduate (Public Health Advisor)

  • The incumbent visits laboratories, clinics, hospitals, military installations, and other institutions to provide essential program advice and to stimulate case reporting.
  • The advisor acquaints medical and other health personnel with the contemporary disease situation, the essence of the health department's eradication effort, the most recent and effective diagnostic and treatment techniques, and the reasons cooperation is being sought.

NIH Recent Graduate (Social Worker)

  • The individual facilitates the research objectives of the NIH by providing a wide range of diagnostic treatment, consultative and educational services to CC patients, their families, and staff.
  • The individual provides psychosocial care to mentally and medically ill patients from widely scattered geographical areas and divergent cultures.

NIH Recent Graduate (Statistician)

  • The individual applies a variety of statistical techniques such as logistic regression, survival models, generalized risk models, analysis of frequency distributions; analysis and modeling of multivariates; sampling; analysis of variance; determining confidence limits; and estimating magnitudes to laboratory and/or clinical data.
  • The individual assists in analyzing factual data using appropriate statistical techniques.

NIH Recent Graduate (Technical Writer-Editor)

  • The individual performs routine and recurring writing and editing of materials that articulate, interpret, and explain agency policies, and programs.
  • The individual edits both draft and final versions of a variety of written products prepared by the staff, management, or outside contractors; reviews materials for grammatical correctness, clarity, appropriate reading level, and consistency with regulations and style and format requirements; advises authors of options and alternatives where necessary and appropriate; and, edits for correctness and meaningful placement any illustrations, tables, and charts.
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